Better Soccer Goalie

Watching professional Soccer is one of the best methods to understand how to play the game properly. It should not be any different for the goalie position. If you would like to learn how to be a better Soccer goalie, you need to learn from the best. By watching Pro goalies, you can steal some of their habits and trends and use them to your own game, till they turn into your own. You know what they say “Fake it, till you make it.” To have some further news regarding the football, you can search the Liga MX.

1. Iker Casillas

Since a teenager, he’s been rated as one of the greatest goalies in Europe and the globe. He is now the starting goalkeeper for Real Madrid FC and Spain. Watch his quick reflexes and diving skill.

2.  Oliver Kahn

Probably one of the “meanest” goalies to play the match, Oliver Kahn was the starting goalie for both Germany and Bayern Munich FC. He is famous for being extremely vocal and fearless in net.


3. Memo Ochoa

The brand new rising goalie star, Mexican-born Memo Ochoa is going to be a name to consider its years. Watch his agility and jumping ability. There doesn’t seem to be anything that has his past. He’s a great role model for young aspiring Football goalies.

4. Julio Cesar

Italy and Inter Milan’s last line of defense, most analysts, give him the title of “greatest goalie” on earth.  He commands his target area. No opponent ever comes with an easy shot on target when he is around.

5. Peter Schmeichel

The Dane and Man United guy, Peter Schmeichel was proclaimed as the “best goalie” on earth throughout the 90s. He had been a commander of his troops, if a defender made a mistake, he would be quick to tell him. He was a no-nonsense goalkeeper who’d do anything to keep the ball from his net.

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