Best Paid android Games

Cut the Rope

Have a few hours to kill? Cut The Rope can help you. Enter Om Nom, the adorable hungry frog and the mysterious, complex worlds of the various boxes that he inhabits. As your fussy new pet, Om Nom must be fed sweet treats with a rope that you must snip at the right moment to make them land in his waiting mouth. Fail, and you have to endure the heartbreaking visage of Om Nom’s disappointment.This new best paid android game will captivate you endlessly as you race against the greedy spiders trying to grab your candy, avoid electric shock and impairment, collect stars, use farting whoopie cushions to propel your treat, and master the laws of physics swinging your rope with levers and pulleys. And more!

Cut the Rope

Unleash the fun of touch screen entertainment and make this lovable amphibian your new best friend. Cut The Rope will show you the addictive power of thinking INSIDE the box.

Burn The Rope

Discover the Android game where the fire is your friend, and the fun never ends: Burn The Rope. This scorching accelerometer puzzler fulfills any pyro’s fix for the flame. Tap your phone to ignite the game and rotate to guide the fire along the rope tied in its various shapes. There is surely a busy boy scout out there somewhere.

The seeming simplicity of the initial levels is soon shattered by the infestation of bugs crawling along the rope as you advance. Are the insects your friend or foe? That depends on whether or not you learn how to utilize their burning power to obliterate variegated rope. The order of Firebug extermination is vital here. Speed and strategy determine your score measured by a fire meter. Earn bronze, silver, gold meter readings to impress.

This cheap, yet fun game will keep your hands hot for hours. Beware of third-degree burns. Lighter not necessary.

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